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Ana Pace

My name is Ana Pace. I’m an Argentinian born of a mix of Italian, German Spanish Guarani and Wichi ancestors.Currently I reside in Italy, where I have been for many years now.

I love to design and create handbags, and objects of all sorts. I design, craft and sew each of them as a unique piece; I have lots of fun creating them.

When the bag creating muses call, I start spreading fabrics on a table, combining colors, textures and forms until I get that shocking but harmonious effect I’m looking for.

Sometimes, I already have the design in mind and I just look for the fabrics that match it, sometimes it’s the fabrics that suggest me the forms.  I personally select them, and through the time I have learned to recognize the noble ones, the ones that are made to last.

Heavy and strong is my design favorite cloth.    I use mostly Décor fabrics, brocades, velvet, leather, old wools, for the exterior and linen, silk, cotton, satin, for the lining.

My bag handles are designed in wood, then, passed to my friend Nisio, a Piedmontese carpenter and great artisan, that crafts them for me.

Shapely big great buttons that I design and craft out of polymer clay, leather, silver, stones, gives the bag the accent and a last touch of color in the composition.

My bags are simple, clean-cut lines.

I want them to give you not only a visual experience, but also a textural one.

I want my bags to be something people like to see, something people like to touch wear every day, a comfortable and practical object.

We are the objects we carry.

Today I’m 100 % Wichi, I’m carrying the most awesome “Wichi chaguar” bag on earth.


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